Thank you for visiting my travel page. I invite you to plan ahead and schedule a visit. If you're considering bringing me to your city, feel free to reach out. For those looking to establish a regular arrangement, your generosity in covering travel expenses would be greatly appreciated. Let's build a friendship and create wonderful memories in your city. Connect with me on social media and explore my wish list for additional ways to show your support and appreciation.

Here’s My Travel Schedule 2024:

SF 5/21 - 7/24 

NYC 7/24-7/30 

Boston 7/31-8/6

San Francisco 8/7-9/2 

Portland 9/3-9/5

Seattle 9/6-9/12 

Portland 9/13-9/15

San Francisco 9/17-10/7

Palm Springs 10/7-10/10 

San Diego 10/11-10/13 

LA 10/14-10/15 

San Francisco 10/16-10/21

Washington D.C. 10/22-10/25

Atlanta 10/25-10/29 ( [✈️] book it)

Ft Lauderdale 10/30-11/3 ( [✈️] book it)

San Francisco 11/4-11/20 ( [✈️] book it)

Dallas 11/21-11/26 ( [✈️] book it)

San Francisco 11/27-12/15